Katalin Novak - Photo: Facebook

Jobbik-Conservatives call on President Novak to resign over pardon

The opposition Jobbik-Conservatives on Sunday called on President Katalin Novak to resign over her decision to grant presidential pardon to the former deputy director of a children's home in Bicske who had been convicted of "assisting to" paedophile crimes.

Koloman Brenner, the party’s Budapest mayoral candidate, told a press conference that members of the Jobbik-Conservatives parliamentary group had called on Novak to resign and they invited all lawmakers to join the initiative.

Brenner also said that “Hungary should have a president elected directly by the people, who does not execute party orders … but indeed represents the unity of the nation, and grants presidential pardon only in cases when there is a serious moral or political reason”.

Deputy party leader Anita Korosi told the press conference that the residents of the Bicske children’s home had endured over several years that the director sexually molested them. The deputy director, who was granted presidential pardon last April, “had assisted to this and wanted to persuade children to sign fake documents”, she added.

Korosi demanded that Novak should withdraw the presidential pardon and the deputy director should serve his sentence.

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