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Jobbik calls on government to divert more funding to education

Opposition Jobbik on Thursday urged the government to divert more funding within this year's budget to education.

Citing fresh statistics, Jobbik deputy group leader Koloman Brenner told a press conference that some 4,800 teachers were missing from Hungarian public education. This problem can only be resolved by paying teachers more and giving them greater recognition, he said.

Under Jobbik’s proposal, the extra funding diverted to the education sector would be used to raise teacher wages by 50 percent with a view to avoiding strikes, he added.

Brenner said it was also unclear whether schools could be properly heated during the winter, pointing out that several institutions had already indicated that their school year would not run under the regular class schedule. The prices of school meals have also gone up, he added.

Brenner also said his party would double family allowances.

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