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Jobbik calls for updating driving rules

The opposition Jobbik-Conservatives have called for updating driving regulations in Hungary, and review the necessity of the zero tolerance against alcohol consumption, the party said on Friday.

The current regulations date back to the Soviet era and cannot be maintained in the 21s century, parliamentary group leader Laszlo Gyorgy Lukacs told a press conference.

Patrik Schwarcz-Kiefer, the politician responsible for motorists’ affairs, called for scrapping “pointless 30km” speed limits and focusing on enforcing “more sensible limits”.

He said speeding regulations should be modeled on the Austrian system, where the owner of the car is not obliged to reveal the person driving at the time of the misdemeanor but then must pay a higher fine.

As regards drinking and driving, the party proposes introducing the Croatian system, where the consumption of alcohol equivalent to the content of a glass of wine is permitted but prompts an aggregated sentence if the driver causes an accident under the influence, he said.

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