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Jobbik calls for retraining support instead of guest workers

Opposition Jobbik is calling for free retraining opportunities for Hungarian labourers instead of "organised imports of guest workers", deputy leader Daniel Z Karpat said on Friday.

The costs of training could be financed from an “inflation premium” of several hundreds of billions of forints “collected by the government after the brutally high prices paid by Hungarian families”, he said.

He also called for finding out the reasons why a portion of the population was inactive. If normal wages and fair working conditions were offered, some of them could also be involved in employment, he added.

The companies importing guest workers should instead focus on finding ways to motivate the economically inactive to enter the labour market, he said.

He said an earlier Jobbik proposal to offer non-refundable support to companies that employ at least 90 percent of workers from Hungary or the European Economic Area could improve the situation.

When in Hungary, Hungarian workers and Hungarian small businesses should come first, he said.

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