Jewish organisation leader expresses solidarity with Israel

Andras Heisler, president of Hungary's Jewish federation Mazsihisz, has expressed the Hungarian Jewish community's solidarity with Israel amid the recent escalations of violence in Gaza and Jerusalem.

“As members of Hungary’s Jewish community, we stand in solidarity with Israel as it is under attack,” Heisler said at a memorial service in Budapest’s Jerusalem Park. “We recognise the country’s right to self-defence and pray to God Almighty for peace.”

Heisler said Jerusalem, “the capital of Israel and the holy place of the world’s three largest monotheistic religions”, was “under attack by the murderous rockets of terrorists”.

He added that in these days when the Middle East was “engulfed by anger and mourning”, Hungarian Jews were able to reopen their synagogues and pray for God’s blessing on Israel “and all those fighting for peace”.

Yakov Hadas-Handelsman, Israel’s ambassador to Hungary, noted that the militant group Hamas had been attacking Israel for 20 years. No country in the world would tolerate such a thing, he said, adding that Israel, too, was committed to guaranteeing the safety of its citizens.

The ambassador thanked the Hungarian government for its support of Israel’s right to defend itself and the Hungarian Jewish community for expressing its solidarity with Israel and its citizens.

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