Peter Marki-Zay - Photo: MTI

Jakab: Marki-Zay responsible for opposition defeat

Prime ministerial candidate of the united opposition Peter Marki-Zay is responsible for the defeat of the opposition, Jobbik leader Peter Jakab said, reacting to the outcome of Sunday's general election in which Fidesz won a fourth successive supermajority.

Jakab said on Facebook early on Monday that last October Marki-Zay had been given an “army” of six opposition parties and the considerable advantage the opposition enjoyed against the ruling parties in the polls. “After six months, the opposition’s lead has changed to a disadvantage,” he added.

Less talk and clearer, better-considered messages would have brought more votes, he said. He added that Marki-Zay promised to renew the opposition in October but rather than doing so, “he has actually caused its fall”.

The unity and cooperation of the six opposition parties must be maintained because it has no alternative, he said.

The opposition must stand up and prepare to take over control in case a public outcry caused by austerity measures “sweeps away the regime”. “We are preparing for that, but without Marki-Zay,” he said.

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