The flag of the Romani people - Photo: wikipedia

Interior ministry official presents awards to mark International Romani Day

Marking International Romani Day, Attila Fulop, the interior ministry's state secretary, presented the Balazs Janos Award to three people at a ceremony in the ministry on Tuesday.

Addressing the event, Fulop said that the career achieved by the award’s recipients sends the message “to us all that catching up with mainstream society is the result of hard work”. “It is the result not of their personal individual fight, but of teamwork,” he said, adding that “this teamwork” was also supported by the government through the network of community houses and vocational training schools set up for Roma children and youth across the country.

He said the award presented on Tuesday honoured people who had played an important role in the integration of the Roma.

This year’s award recipients include Erno Bader, the national art director of the Maltese Symphony Programme of the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta, Janos Boda, production manager at the Roma Production Office, and Eva Balogh Molnar, teacher at the Arany Janos Primary School of Karcag.

The Balazs Janos Award is given since 2019 mostly to Roma people in recognition of their outstanding achievements in promoting Roma education and culture and advancing the social inclusion of disadvantaged persons in society.

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