Peter Jakab – Photo: Facebook

Immunity committee rejects Jobbik leader’s appeal against HUF 9.6 million fine

Parliament's immunity committee has rejected an appeal by Peter Jakab, Jobbik's leader, against a 9.6 million forint (EUR 27,000) fine levied by the Speaker of Parliament.

Janos Hargitai of the junior ruling Christian Democrats, who chairs the committee, refused to answer reporters’ questions, saying the details of the case were discussed behind closed doors.

Jakab told reporters just after the 10 minute committee meeting that the decision to reject his appeal against the fine had been “purely political”, adding that Fidesz MPs who had made similarly derogatory remarks in parliament had not been fined. Jakab said he had asked the parliamentary authorities to draw up a list of banned terms and expressions that carried fines.

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