Hungary's border fence – Photo: wikipedia

Illegal migration – Prison chiefs meet consular reps of 58 countries

Hungary's prison service directorate BvOP met the consular representatives of 58 countries to brief them about the dramatic increase in the number of foreign nationals held in custody in Hungarian prisons, BvOP said on Wednesday.

Janos Schmehl, BvOP’s deputy chief in charge of security and detention, told the diplomats that there were currently more than 2,500 people smugglers held in Hungarian prisons from 73 countries. A part of them are Romanian, Serbian, Ukrainian and Bulgarian nationals, while many of them come from Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Iran, Yemen, Jordan, Iraq or Tunisia, Schmel added. Some of the smugglers are from Cuba, Dominica, Brazil or Vietnam, he said.

BvOP said that the diplomats had received detailed information about the directorate’s newly established regional centres, the digital and technological innovations used in the prisons, the rules on receiving foreign nationals, as well as about the new government decree defining the rules on suspending the custody of a foreign national.

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