Photo: MTI

Iconic stone lions restored to Chain Bridge bridgehead

The iconic limestone lions flanking the bridgehead of the Chain Bridge in Buda are being restored to their rightful place on Tuesday after repair work on the statues was carried out as part of the bridge's renovation.

The landmark bridge is expected to be reopened to traffic by the mid-December deadline, while the entire project to upgrade the bridge and its immediate vicinity will be completed by next autumn, in time for celebrations marking the anniversary of the formation of Budapest on November 17.

Restorers have removed the dirt from the statues and rebuilt missing parts, including their tongue and worn teeth.

At the site, further work will be carried out to cement the three sections of each statue together again before creating an outer “skin” and protective coating.

The 26.75 billion forint (EUR 65m) renovation of the Chain Bridge began in spring 2021, with a central government contribution of 6 billion forints contingent on the project being completed on time.

Gergely Karacsony, the mayor of Budapest, who was joined by officials connected with the bridge’s renovation at the Buda bridgehead, told journalists that his administration had fufilled all the conditions necessary to receive the government’s support.

The statues on the Pest bridgehead will be put in place later today.

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