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Hungary’s EU presidency to strive for agriculture to be key policy area in next EU cycle

Hungary's European Union presidency starting on July 1 will strive for agriculture to be a key policy area during the next EU cycle, Istvan Nagy, the minister of agriculture, said on Monday in Luxembourg.

Hungary wants agriculture to be crisis-proof, competitive, sustainable, farmer-centered and knowledge-based, Nagy told a press conference after a meeting of EU agriculture ministers.

Agricultural dossiers not yet closed by the Belgian presidency will be taken forward by the Hungarian presidency, he said, adding that Hungary would also open new dossiers handling action against food waste and soil protection, for example.

Hungary will seek to set guidelines to the next European Commission, with conclusions that guide common agricultural policy for the next five years, alongside streamlining rules and setting new ones to make CAP “simpler and more effective”.

Visegrad Group ministers also held a meeting, he said, adding that he expected “good” cooperation with the Polish V4 presidency, also starting on July 1. Hungary, the minister added, would prioritise areas that bring special benefits to the V4.

Regarding grain dumping from Ukraine, Nagy said Hungary’s EU presidency would monitor and report to the commission regarding grain and any other food exports from Ukraine, gathering fresh and authentic data “to ensure swift responses”.

Given the opening of sea ports and with them Ukraine’s traditional agricultural markets in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, Kyiv should stick to selling its products in these markets, he added.

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