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Local council-run outpatient clinics to be overseen by hospitals

Hungary vaccination rate one of Europe’s highest

Hungary's vaccination rate is one of the highest in Europe, an official of the Prime Minister's Office told a briefing on Tuesday. In the next week, it is planned that 215,000 registered elderly people will be vaccinated, Istvan Gyorgy told an online briefing of the operative body responsible for controlling the coronavirus epidemic.

Fully 157,000 of the registered elderly will receive Pfizer vaccine at hospital inoculation points, while GPs will administer 25,000 Sinopharm doses as well as AstraZeneca and Moderna jabs, 21,600 and 11,200 respectively.

Local council-run outpatient clinics to be overseen by hospitals

Hungary’s local council-run outpatient clinics will be managed by the local hospitals until the expiration of the special legal order in connection with measures aimed at protecting the country against the coronavirus pandemic, the government’s coronavirus press centre said on Tuesday.

The move is aimed at improving patient care, easing the burden on health-care workers and ensuring the implementation of Hungary’s Covid-19 vaccination strategy, the centre told MTI.

It will also ensure that the health-care system operates under a single leadership, thereby improving the effectiveness of protective measures against the virus, it added.

The centre also emphasised the importance of having outpatient clinics participate in the health-care sector’s pandemic defence efforts and take part in the country’s mass vaccination drive.

The government will therefore issue a decree authorising hospitals to oversee the operations of outpatient clinics in their areas for the duration of the special legal order, the centre said.

The decree will also expand the authority of county hospitals, university clinics and the capital’s central hospitals to oversee all activities related to health care in their respective areas.

The decree will soon be published in the official gazette Magyar Kozlony, the centre added.

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  1. The United States embassy has posted on its website that the Hungarian government will offer a Covid19 vaccine to all legal residents in the country, but only after those with the TAJ health number have received the vaccine. This seems unfair, as not all legal residents in the country have bought into the Hungarian health care system and have the TAJ number. If we are here legally, we should receive the jab based on the protocol for age only. Or will the government insist that we are to be the last in the line?

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