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Hungary, Ukraine slated to sign border traffic agreement on Monday

Hungary and Ukraine is expected to sign a border traffic agreement on Monday, paving the way to opening a new crossing between the two countries, the foreign minister said on Thursday.

Noting a meeting in Uzhorod (Ungvar) earlier this year, and the decision to set up a working group “to find a way to restore all rights of the Hungarian community they have been stripped of . since 2015,” Peter Szijjarto said on Facebook that “we sat down, virtually, in Budapest, Kyiv, Brussels and Uzhorod on Thursday to continue the work we started.”

He said that at the meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart, Dmitro Kuleba, and presidential office head Andriy Yirmak in January, “we put our expectations down in an 11-point list of steps necessary for . restoring the Hungarian ethnic community’s rights connected to preserving their identity and use of the mother tongue.”.

The border traffic agreement expanding capacity at the existing crossings and opening a new one “will provide a good baseline of trust” for that process, he added.

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