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Hungary spends HUF 1,000 billion a year on R+D+I

Hungary spends approaching 1,000 billion forints a year on research, development and innovation, and if it keeps this pace up it will be among the world's top ten nations in this respect in 2030, the head of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office (NKFIH) said on Thursday.

Addressing a medical conference in Budapest, Zoltan Birkner said that last year the country had spent 907 billion forints (EUR 2.19bn) on R+D, 18 percent more than in the preceding year.

Over the past few years efforts to beef up Hungary’s innovation capacities have focused on strengthening R+D, establishing a new structure at universities, and promoting closer ties between research institutes and market players, he said.

The NKFIH head underlined the need to establish strong links between sciences on the one hand, and the economy and industry on the other, namely between the generation and the utilisation of knowledge.

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