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Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria presidents sign declaration for families

The presidents of Hungary, Serbia and Bulgaria, published a New Year's declaration raising their voices for the importance of families.

In the declaration published in Hungarian and English on the website of the Sandor Palace on Monday, Katalin Novak, Aleksandar Vucic and Rumen Radev said they saw families as “the foundation of our society, the source of our values, and the strength of our nations”.

“The family provides support, guidance and love and shapes our character and identity. The family is also the best environment for raising children, who define the paths of our nations and shape the future of our globe,” the members of the Network of Family-Friendly Presidents said.

They said families were the source of “the culture of responsibility” that would contribute to sustainability and to curbing the threat of climate change.

“We believe that families deserve protection, assistance and recognition from states and societies. Therefore, we strongly support policies that promote the well-being of families, and strengthen family cohesion, provide a supportive environment to family foundation, enable women to strive both as mothers and professionals … We encourage our citizens, in this New Year to continue to nurture the family as the most important institution in our societies, and reach out to those in need,” the declaration said.

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