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Hungary gas supplies uninterrupted

Gas supplies to Hungary are uninterrupted, with cross-border pipelines forwarding the usual quantities in both directions, national energy and utility regulator MEKH told MTI on Tuesday.

MEKH said that the pipeline with Ukraine was also operating regularly, adding however, that “the interlink does not play a crucial role in Hungary’s supplies”.

Hungary’s Russian supplier “is sending deliveries in line with the long-term contracts” between the two countries, the regulator said.

Hungary’s supplies are ensured from several directions, with gas available through Slovakia, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Romania in addition to Ukraine, MEKH said, adding that all interlinks could be used at full capacity.

MEKH noted that Russian household gas supplies to Hungary were received through Serbia and Austria, rather than Ukraine, under a long-term agreement with Russia executed in September last year.

The authority also said that the Hungarian network has capacity to receive nearly 212 million cubic metres of gas a day, four times the daily maximum consumption recorded this winter. Hungary’s reserves amount to 1.59 billion cubic metres, 25 percent of the total storage capacity, MEKH added, and said “it is a considerable amount at the end of the heating season”.

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