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Hungary donating EUR 100,000 to Chad refugee aid

Hungary is donating 100,000 euros to support Chad's efforts to provide for the refugees arriving in the country fleeing the civil war in neighbouring Sudan, Tristan Azbej, the state secretary for aiding persecuting Christians, said on Monday.

Speaking to commercial broadcaster ATV in the sub-Saharan country, Azbej said in a video also shared on Facebook that the project was the first instance of cooperation between the countries, and it aimed to ensure basic support for the refugees.

Mahamat Yacoub, the head of Chad’s migration committee, warned that the country could barely feed the throngs of refugees arriving. Water and tents are also in short supply, he said.

In the Facebook post, Azbej said the flood of refugees had overwhelmed Chad refugee camps and triggered a humanitarian crisis. Hungary is supporting the communities receiving the refugees and promoting co-existence among religions, he said.

ATV reported some 4,000-5,000 people were arriving from Sudan to Chad every day.

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