Hungary donates motorcycle helmets to Kenya in UN Road Safety scheme

Hungary has donated motorcycle helmets to Kenya under the arrangements of the United Nations' Road Safety scheme, the minister of innovation and technology said on Thursday.

Laszlo Palkovics said after the opening of the 2021 Safari Rally in Kenya that the idea to donate helmets had resulted from consultations in recent years with Jean Todt, president of the International Automobile Federation and the United Nations’ Special Envoy for Road Safety.

“President Todt supported our ambitions for the development of Hungarian auto and motor sport but asked as at the same time to get involved in programmes not linked to competition sport but for instance the development of alternative fuel vehicles and road safety,” he said. In his work at the UN, Todt has launched a campaign which is aimed at supplying important road safety accessories to less developed countries, Palkovics added.

“Kenya belongs among such countries and we maintain good relations with it in several areas, so we decided to donate 300 protective helmets under the arrangements of the scheme, paid by the Hungarian Motorsport Development Agency HUMDA,” he said.

“Such helmets are planned to be manufactured by Hungarian and Kenyan companies in the future,” he said.

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