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Hungary condemns attacks against Dagestan Orthodox, Jewish communities

Hungary condemns the armed attacks against the Orthodox Church and Jewish communities living in Dagestan, and expresses its sympathies with the victims and their loved ones, Tristan Azbej, the state secretary for aiding persecuted Christians, said on Facebook on Monday.

Azbej said he had contacted Orthodox Christian and Jewish leaders to express Hungary’s condolences and its solidarity, and to offer aid from the Hungary Helps programme.

He described the “terrorist attack in Russia” as “tragic news”, noting that in the city of Derbent, Orthodox priest Nikolai Kotelnikov was murdered and the synagogue, a World Heritage site, was set on fire. Also, in Makhachkala, Dagestan’s capital, synagogues and a police checkpoint came under attack, with more than 15 people dead and many more injured, he added.

“We Hungarians condemn anti-Christianity and anti-Semitism,” he wrote.

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