Photo: MTI

Hungarians want tougher measures taken against violent criminals

A majority of Hungarians want tougher measures taken against violent criminals, according to a survey by the Szazadveg Foundation carried out in connection with last week's deadly stabbing of a police officer in Budapest.

Fully 97 percent of respondents said they had heard about the killing of the officer. Altogether 93 percent said tougher measures were needed against those who commit violence against public officials.

A total of 81 percent said those who commit violent crimes or murder and blame their actions on the influence of drugs deserved harsher punishment.

Fully 68 percent said those who commit murder should not be allowed to claim mental health issues to get a lighter sentence.

Last week, a police officer on duty was stabbed to death and two others were injured in Budapest’s 11th district. The officers were in a unit alerted to a block of flats by residents after a violent neighbour had attempted to break into a home. The intruder assaulted the police officers and fled onto the street, where he was shot in the leg and captured. The three injured officers were rushed to hospital but one of them could not be saved. A drug test on the suspect later confirmed the presence of drugs in his system.

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