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Hungarians keen on installing solar panels

Hungarians have expressed keen interest in installing solar panels to reduce energy costs, seeing it as a sustainable investment with a solid return, according to an online survey by E.ON Hungaria.

In the online survey of 1,500 consumers conducted by the energy provider between March 26 and April 5, 58 percent saw solar panels as a good investment, trusting that they could reduce or even fully cover their energy costs, E.ON said.

Experience suggests 25-30sqm of solar panels can fully cover an average family’s annual electricity needs, with the investment paying for itself over 7-9 years while remaining serviceable decades after, the statement said.

Fully 55 percent of respondents said a preference for green solutions would play an important role in a solar panel investment, while government subsidies currently available would be a factor for 23 percent of respondents, it added.

Among those already using solar panels, 61 percent paid for the equipment themselves, 21 percent took out loans and 15 percent received a subsidy, E.ON said.

Fully 58 percent of those currently planning to set up a solar panel system expect to do so using funding or subsidised loans. Less than 20 percent said they would fund the investment on their own, E.ON said.

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