Hungarians commemorate 1944-45 massacre in Vojvodina

A commemoration to honour Hungarians who were massacred by Yugoslav partisans in Vojvodina in 1944-45 was held in the village of Curug (Csurog), in the north of Serbia, on Sunday.

Arpad Fremond, who heads the Vojvodina Hungarian National Council, said that remembering the innocent, unarmed victims was important to prevent such events from ever happening again.

Julia Teleki, a survivor of the massacre in which at least 20,000 Hungarians are estimated to have died in Curug and nearby settlements, noted that the remembrance of those events had been prohibited for a long time.

A memorial to the victims was set up in Curug in 2013, in the presence of then Hungarian President Janos Ader and his Serbian counterpart Tomislav Nikolic.

Serbia’s government annulled a resolution on the collective guilt of the residents of Curug, Mosorin (Mozsor) and Zabalj (Zsablya) in 2014, seven decades after the massacre.

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