Illustration - Photo: Bundesarchiv

Hungarian soldiers who fought Nazis commemorated in Czechia

Hungarian soldiers who died fighting German troops towards the end of the second world war in southern Czechia were commemorated in a ceremony at Zlata Koruna on Monday.

Representatives of the local government, the Hungarian embassy in Prague, as well as the Association of Hungarians in Czech Republic (CSMMSZ) laid wreaths at a local monument and at the place where five Hungarian soldiers were buried in 1945.

Hungarian soldiers arrived at Zlata Koruna in 1945, ordered there by Hungary’s Nazi government. They then cooperated with Czech resistance fighters, however, supplying them with weapons. They were killed during a conflict with an SS unit over command of a bridge.

The representatives of CSMMSZ and the Hungarian embassy also paid their tribute to the tombs of two further Hungarian soldiers, executed by the SS, at nearby Tyn nad Vltavou.


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