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Hungarian Petroleum Association petrol stations to remain open August 19-20

Petrol stations of the Hungarian Petroleum Association (MASZ) will remain open on August 19-20, when 500-600 stations operated by the Association of Independent Petrol Stations (FBSZ) will close.

MASZ said in a statement on Saturday that members’ petrol stations will operate as usual on August 19-20. However, the association warned that the some 1,000 petrol stations operated by its members will not be able to provide the “full degree” of service that the over 2,000 petrol stations in Hungary normally provide and asked motorists to take that into consideration when planning to top up their tanks.

MASZ’s members include MOL, OMV, Shell, Lukoil, Oil, Mobil Petrol and Castrum Ferrerum.

FBSZ said on Friday its members would close their stations on August 19-20 to raise awareness of the impact of the regulated motor fuel price cap on owners and their families.

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