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Hungarian hauliers: Ukrainian truckers ‘destroy’ hundreds of Hungarian businesses

Hungarian hauliers will start a demonstration on Monday at the Zahony border crossing with Ukraine in protest against the extension of an EU exemption for Ukrainian truckers to transit EU countries with no additional permission, the secretary of the hauliers association MKFE said.

As a result of the permission’s extension until June 2024 on the pretext of humanitarian deliveries, the number of Ukrainian hauliers on Hungary’s roads has gone up by 30 percent while the number of local truckers dropped by 4 percent, Tivadar Arvay told MTI by phone on Saturday. “Because of the Ukrainian truckers, several hundred Hungarian entrepreneurs are on the verge of bankruptcy,” he said.

EU laws do not apply to non-member Ukraine’s hauliers who work a lot cheaper and “destroy the hauliers of the logistics sectors of member states”, said Arvay, adding that they would join with their demonstration their Polish and Slovak peers.

He said they had asked the EU to review its permission because Ukrainian hauliers “have long appeared in the European Union for business purposes beyond the original goal”.

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