Hungarian embassy in Washington hosts thousands of visitors on EU Open House event

Hungary's embassy in Washington, DC, welcomed some 3,000 visitors at the EU Open House event organised on the weekend to mark Europe Day.

The program is organised every year by the embassies of European Union member states in the capital city with the aim to present European cultures to visitors.

Programmes at the Hungarian embassy on Saturday included folk music concerts, folk dancing, food and wine tasting, a dog show and a screening of popular children’s cartoons.

Szabolcs Takacs, the ambassador, told Hungarian public media that the EU Open House event “is about the EU as well as about European unity, offering an excellent opportunity to present a country’s national culture, heritage, history and traditions to visitors”.

Visitors at the embassy had the opportunity to learn about Hungarian innovations and car models manufactured by German plants in Hungary, he said. The aim was to present not only the country’s history and traditions, but its fast economic development and investment opportunities, the ambassador said.

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