Photo: MTI

Hungarian community in Washington, DC marks national holiday

Hungarians living in Washington, DC and surrounding areas celebrated the August 20 national holiday at an event organised by the Kossuth Foundation on Sunday local time.

The “bread of American Hungarians” was baked for the event at the Kossuth House using wheat originating from various areas throughout the Carpathian Basin mixed with wheat grown in the US. The Kossuth Foundation had joined the scheme dubbed bread of Hungarians earlier this year to promote the idea that American Hungarians also belong to Hungary.

The bread of American Hungarians was blessed by pastor of the Hungarian Reformed Church DC Judit Mayer who said that the motto chosen by Saint Stephen had been “bread and peace”, and the past 2023 years had proven that this was a stronger and better motto than the Roman emperors’ “bread and circuses”.

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