Illustration – Photo: Facebook (Hungarian Defence Forces)

Hungarian citizen successfully evacuated from Niger

An evacuation operation was successfully completed a few hours ago with a Hungarian citizen included among those rescued from a key country in the Sahel region, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on Wednesday.

“The international operation led by the Italian army involved nearly 100 people getting evacuated from Niamey and we managed to arrange a Hungarian citizen to also board the aircraft,” he said on Facebook.

Initially all the persons gathered at the Italian embassy and following the necessary administration they were taken to the airport to board an Italian army aircraft that left early on Wednesday, the foreign minister said.

The Hungary-related part of the operation was coordinated by the country’s embassies in Tripoli and Rome which maintained contact with French and Italian authorities and the accredited European Union colleagues, he said. The aircraft landed in Rome in the early hours of Wednesday, Szijjarto added.

“We are so far not aware of any other Hungarian citizens being there but our embassy in Tripoli continues to monitor the situation and our Consular Service is available 24 hours a day,” he said.

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