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Hungarian ambassador to Rome rejects claims in Italian defendant’s Budapest case

Hungary's ambassador to Rome dismissed claims of "demeaning prison conditions" by the family and lawyers of an Italian defendant held under arrest in Budapest as "false", in the prime time evening news programme on Italian public broadcaster Rai 1 on Friday.

The defendant, identified as I.S., is one of three defendants kept in prison on charges of participation in violent attacks by the Antifa movement in Feb. 2023 in Budapest.

Adam Zoltan Kovacs told the programme that contrary to the claims, all requirements and norms are strictly observed in Hungary’s prisons, noting that the defendant was allowed to meet her lawyer on several occasions and maintain continued contact with her family.

Asked about the defendant’s wearing handcuffs and shackles in the courtroom, the ambassador said it was a measure of precaution necessitated because of the gravity of charges.

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