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How to get a vaccination certificate?

Despite successful double vaccination it happens that you still have to wait in vain for your green vaccination card. In the following article, I show how you can download the corresponding app and activate it by registering. The app is now recognized as a fully-fledged alternative to the green vaccination card.

Nothing works without online registration

In order to be able to register for the app in the health portal at all, you first have to be approved for online use of the portal. Unfortunately, for us as foreigners, the approval cannot be obtained online; here, a trip to the responsible municipality/city administration is required first in order to apply for online access. As documents must be presented the identity card/passport and the Lakcím Kártya. First go to this portal and click there on the top left on registration “Bejelentkezés”.

Clicking on “Ügyfélkapu” takes you to the login page.

After inserting the received access data, you will be asked to update your personal data and set your own password on the first visit.


Now you are prepared not just for the app, but also for many other public online services.

App and registration in the EESZT portal

For a successful registration and activation of the app, you must now work in parallel with your cell phone and a computer or tablet. Just with a cell phone alone the activation is not feasible!

In the first step, please follow this link. First, the registration via the online portal is required. But before that you will be asked for your Hungarian social security number (TAJ). Afterwards you will get to this page.

Here you follow the individual steps and log into the system.

Now you get to this page:

The next step is to download the EESZT Lakossági app (on the left) from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to your cell phone. The app can be easily found using the search function in your respective store.

On some devices, the “New registration” button may be somewhat hidden.

The actual EESZT registration

Now the actual registration takes place. Follow the instructions on the website. In one of the steps you will be asked to enter a 6-digit code (only digits) and confirm it. Write down this code. It is very important and will be requested every time you activate the app on your phone.

After you have completed each step, a QR code will appear on the web page.:

Scan this code with your cell phone. Only after a successful scan your app is activated! If you have problems with scanning, you can also enter the alphanumeric code displayed below the QR code into your cell phone. However, I cannot recommend this procedure because of the high risk of typing errors.

This is how your website looks like after EESZT registration.

Now you can log in to the app with your 6-digit PIN. After that, click on COVID-oltásigazolás (engl.: COVID vaccination certificate). If you have been vaccinated, your vaccination data will now be displayed:

Everything is actually quite simple if you know how to work through the individual steps. I hope my explanation is helpful for all those who have already been vaccinated (at least initial vaccination) but are still eagerly waiting for the green plastic card.
If you still have problems with the registration process, please contact me through the editorial office. I will try to help as best as possible on an individual basis.

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