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Hornung: Government to expand family support system

Soon Hungary's family support system will be expanded with a fourth pillar, supporting physical, mental and spiritual health, Agnes Hornung, the state secretary for families of the ministry of culture and innovation, said on Saturday at the Baby-Mom Expo in Budapest.

Hornung said that with the new pillar, along with help for home creation, financial security and freedom of decision, there will now be four main pillars of the Hungarian family support system.

Hornung said they are already working on a package that will support this fourth pillar and expressed hope that the new measure will help further increase the number of happy families in Hungary.

Speaking about the soon-to-be-introduced pillar, Hornung emphasized the “healthy mind in a healthy body” principle, since physical and mental health are essential in order to raise a child in happiness.

Hornung noted that the government decided in 2010 to put families in the centre and during these 13 years more than 30 family policy measures have been adopted.


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