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Homes left uninhabitable after storm

Several homes east of the Danube have been left uninhabitable after being damaged in an overnight storm, a spokesman of the national disaster management authority (OKF) said on Sunday.

Firefighters responded to some 240 calls by Sunday morning across the country, mainly east of the Danube, Daniel Mukics told MTI.

Emergency response teams mostly received calls about uprooted trees and fallen branches, but several houses were also damaged, Mukics said, adding that the storm caused most of the damage in Csongrad-Csanad and Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg counties.

Most of the damage was caused by strong winds and hail, but some homes were hit by lightning, he said. In the village of Bekessamson, a lightning strike set a tree on fire, which then spread to a home, he added.

A total of eight people had to be evacuated from their homes in the towns of Buj and Ibrany after they were rendered uninhabitable in a hailstorm, Mukics said.

The downpour also flooded basements in several places, he said.

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