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Hollik: Left doing Brussels’ bidding

The left is doing the bidding of Brussels when it attacks the National Consultation, the ruling Fidesz party's press chief, István Hollik, told public radio in an interview broadcast on Sunday.

He insisted that Ferenc Gyurcsany had called for Ukraine to be admitted to the EU immediately. In that case, he added, the EU would find itself in the middle of the war.

Also, he questioned whether the EU had worked out how much money would be needed to reconstruct Ukraine or where the money would come from. Money for this may be taken away from EU member states, he suggested.

Meanwhile, regarding the sovereignty protection law, Hollik said there was a general consensus that parties running in an election should not accept money from abroad. He said the left had broken this understanding in 2022 and exploited loopholes, and an amount of dollars equal to 4.5 billion forints had “rolled” in which they used to campaign.

The government therefore decided to review the laws and close the loopholes. This was the essence of the sovereignty protection law, he added.

The Fidesz press chief said opposition Momentum had submitted a bill to parliament which the Soros network had had a hand in preparing, and as well as being against Hungary’s interests, the bill would benefits others such as the United States.

He also singled out the Political Capital think-tank as an organisation that was attempting to influence Hungarian politics.

Hollik underlined that Hungary would not back additional EU budget spending for Ukraine, because the money would be used to buy weapons and would prolong the war.

Meanwhile, speaking on the same programme Gyorgy Bakondi, the prime minister’s chief adviser on domestic security, said there is not a single day in Europe when a terrorist act was not being committed or attempt made, or that the intelligence were working to prevent one from happening.

He said people smugglers, besides making massive financial profits, were bringing masses of people illegally into the territory of sovereign states, ignoring border regulations and security requirements.

He said 174,000 illegal entrants and more than 1,000 people smugglers have been caught so far this year, far more than in previous years except for 2015.

The Serbian leadership, meanwhile, deployed special police units in recent weeks due to deteriorating public security, and a large number of people smugglers were caught and weapons, ammunition, drugs, and fake documents seized, he said. Thanks to this effective police action, “the number of daily attempts has fallen and we are also stopping them at the fence,” he added.

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