Istvan Hollik

Hollik: ‘Hungary could emerge fast from crisis’

Hungary could emerge fast from the crisis once the European economy starts to recover because the country has the knowledge to manage a crisis and is still seeing an inflow of foreign investments, the communications director of ruling Fidesz said on Sunday.

Not only Europe, but the whole world has been hit by wartime inflation, Istvan Hollik told public broadcaster Kossuth Radio’s morning programme. Consumer prices in the United States are rising at a rate unseen in several decades, he added. “Inflation is caused by the war, but the sanctions imposed by Brussels have made the situation even worse instead of bringing an end to the war,” Hollik said.

Hungary has the chance to be “a local exception”, he said, arguing that the government can protect Hungarian people from the negative effects of the crisis with the help of “hard and dedicated work”, joint efforts and rapid responses. “Hungary can be a local exception because it has all the means, it has the experience in managing a crisis,” Hollik said, adding that foreign investment continued to flow into Hungary. The country offers “a competitive economic environment and favourable taxation system” and Hungarians “can work and want to work”, he added. “If we manage to attract further foreign investment to Hungary, the country could emerge strong from the current crisis once the European economy begins to recover,” the Fidesz politician said.

“But it is important to have peace as soon as possible, because the war and the mistaken policy of sanctions have only further deepened the crisis and will lead to serious energy supply problems in Europe,” he said. Hungary, however, is safe, its energy supplies are stable and its natural gas storage facilities are continually refilled, Hollik said.

The Hungarian government has strategic goals and it will insist on implementing them “even in the most difficult times”, Hollik told the programme. Those goals include maintaining the utility price cap scheme and the family support system, protecting jobs and supporting pensioners, he said.


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