The European Parliament – Photo: wikipedia

Hollik: Hungarian left-wing MEPs possibly held ties with politician accused in Brussels corruption scandal

Ruling Fidesz said on Monday that left-wing Hungarian MEPs possibly maintained links with the defendant in a corruption scandal in Brussels.

Fidesz communications director Istvan Hollik said in a video on Facebook that based on reports about the Brussels corruption scandal, there was “strong suspicion” that “MEPs of the dollar left-wing”, including Klara Dobrev and Istvan Ujhelyi possibly maintained links with the primary defendant in the scandal, former vice president of the EP Eva Kaili.

The “dollar left-wing” denies this, but they shared Facebook entries and photos including “grinning selfies” showing that links with Kaili went further than being work colleagues, Hollik said.

He called on members of the “dollar left-wing” to talk openly about alleged foreign influence in Hungary’s parliamentary elections last year, as well as “their role in the Brussels corruption scandal”.

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