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Hollik: ‘Brussels corruption scandal decade’s biggest’

The corruption scandal entangling Brussels is "the biggest such scandal" of the decade with left wing politicians "playing the main role" in it, the communications director of ruling Fidesz said on Sunday.

Ever since a national conservative government came to power in Hungary in 2010, the European left has been criticising it claiming problems with the rule of law situation in the country, Istvan Hollik told public news broadcaster Kossuth Radio.

“Until now those have been lecturing us who have not gotten entangled in the biggest corruption scandal of the decade,” Hollik said, adding that after those developments the Hungarian government could “accept any lecturing by the European left even less than before”. He said “there are European left wing politicians who have been bought up and those politicians do not represent the interests of European people”, adding that “they support migration and sanctions without being interested in the effects” of those on the people.

Hollik said the “international network has not disappeared from European politics, it has only changed and has woven a web around EU institutions that makes it impossible for their politicians to address real problems”.

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