Janos Csak

Historian: Western civilisation suffering from ‘freedom deficit’

A "freedom deficit" in Western civilisation was leading to inequality, Maria Schmidt, the head of the House of Terror Museum, said in a discussion with Janos Csak, the minister of culture and innovation, on current news channel M1.

Csak said individual freedoms had overcome order and freedom for the community in Western cultures.

Schmidt insisted that Western civilisations were restricting freedom of religion, of speech and of the press, as well as academic freedom. “Those are all the freedom rights necessary to discuss our issues jointly and freely,” she added.

One topic that could not be debated in Western civilisations, Schmidt said, was the Russia-Ukraine war. She noted Prime Minister Viktor Orban had urged European leaders to “have a plan B”. “They don’t understand, because they only suffer one solution,” she added.

Csak said: “Hungary’s task is to preserve our common sense, and remain a voice of reason, like so many times in our 1,100-year history.”

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