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Hidveghi: Government views farmers as allies

The "inconsiderate and short-sighted" green policies of Brussels destroy European farmers, whereas the Hungarian government views Hungarian farmers as allies, ruling Fidesz MEP Balazs Hidveghi said on Wednesday.

Hidveghi told MTI that “this alliance is demonstrated by the decisions and politicial support from us”.

Last year, Hungarian farmers received 1,300 billion forints (EUR 3.4bn) and in the period until 2027, “we will be able to pay them 2,900 billion forints of support, of which only 600 billion forints will be European Union resources,” he added.

“We do this because we are aware that without supporting farmers and agriculture, there will be no safe and quality food on our table,” Hidveghi said.

At the same time, Brussels has signed trade agreements that benefited farmers from outside Europe.

He accused Brussels of serving foreign interests, adding that “completely absurd and ill-considered decisions have been made, so the farmers’ demands and protests are completely justified and fair”.

“It is unacceptable that over the excuse of the war, Ukrainian grain, chicken meat and other products have been allowed to enter the territory of the EU which has caused huge problems to European producers,” he said. He welcomed the fact that Hungarian farmers also expressed their opinion and participated in the protests, adding that the situation was very different in Hungary and in western Europe.

He said the government had been protecting farmers’ interests for years, citing protectionist measures in Hungary and other forms of financial support.

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