Photo: MTI

Hidveghi: Government responsible for Hungary but helps Ukraine

The Hungarian government is responsible for its own country first and foremost, while it is helping Ukraine as far as it can, ruling Fidesz MEP Balazs Hidveghi told the BBC on Wednesday.

Answering a question concerning an earlier remark by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky suggesting that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban was more interested in Russian oil than concerned about spilled Ukrainian blood, Hidveghi said the assertion was simplistic. He said it was understandable that Zelensky was bent on involving more and more players, countries, and organisations in the conflict, but the Hungarian government should remain a realist and take responsibility for Hungarians.

The Fidesz MEP said the same applied to other European governments, adding that if they sought to help Ukraine and reduce dependence on Russian energy they should at the same time make sure to retain their economic power and the ability to protect their own citizens. A country must not risk committing economic suicide and making millions of people jobless because of ill-considered sanctions, he said.

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