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Hidveghi calls for Europe’s ‘awakening’ over Vienna attack

"It is time the continent woke up," an MEP of Hungary's ruling parties said on Facebook concerning Monday's "night of terror" in Vienna, and argued that "European culture is under siege and multi-culturalism has failed".

Balazs Hidveghi expressed his solidarity with the people of Austria over the terrorist attack in downtown Vienna, in which four people were killed.

Hidveghi warned of a “wave of terror sweeping across Europe” and pointed to two recent killings in France. “We should entertain no illusions: more will come,” he said, adding that “if within the same society Christians give up their values and Muslims insist on retaining their own, the latter will have the upper hand”. He also said that “the result will not be a brave new world but one without Christians”.

Justice minister: EU should focus on terror threat

In an interview published in the Financial Times on Tuesday, Justice Minister Judit Varga said Europe needed to “wake up from hypocrisy and start to talk about real problems: anti-Semitism, murders and terrorist attacks in western Europe”.

The European Union is scheduled to discuss curbing funding for member states seen as violating its values and laws, a move Hungary “vehemently opposes”, the paper noted. She said it was “not fair” for European leaders to “hide behind the corridors of the commission”.

The rule of law is protected by EU treaty and any new mechanism would amount to “a treaty amendment that requires the consensus of member states,” Varga said.

Varga accused the so-called Frugal Four — Denmark, Austria, Sweden and the Netherlands — of using the rule of law as an excuse because “they never wanted to give funds”.

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