Half of Hungarians ready to retrain

Nearly half of Hungarians are ready to retrain to find jobs in fields widely different from their expertise, according to an international survey conducted by the Boston Consulting Group, The Network, and profession.hu.

Fully 49 percent of Hungarians said they would be ready to retrain and another 47 percent said they would do it to retain their jobs. Over half of Hungarians working in retail, health care, telecommunications and finance said they were open to training in another field.

According to the survey conducted between October and December last year, 36 percent of employees worldwide have suffered layoffs or reduced working hours due to the coronavirus pandemic. In Hungary, that figure was 32 percent, on par with Finland and Serbia, the statement said.

The economic fallout hit older and more highly trained Hungarians harder than the global average. Layoffs and reduced working hours affected 87 percent of workers in the hospitality industry, but other sectors including retail, media, finance and energy have also suffered, they said.

Respondents see the IT, marketing and human resources sectors as attractive career opportunities.

The survey was conducted between October and December last year with nearly 210,000 respondents in 190 countries. Fully 1,100 Hungarian employees participated, 49 percent of whom were university graduates.

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