Gergely Gulyas – Photo: MTI

Gulyas: Latest sanctions against Russia not to affect states equally

The economic impact of the latest sanctions on Russia is a decision the consequences of which can be clearly calculated mathematically, and it will not affect countries equally, the prime minister's chief of staff told commercial news channel HirTV on Thursday.

“Hungary and Slovakia are in the worst situation,” Gergely Gulyas said, with Hungary relying on Russian crude oil for about two-thirds of its oil consumption. The ratio in Slovakia is even higher, he added.

Under the proposed sanctions, petrol in Hungary would cost 700 forints per litre while diesel would rise to 800 forints, Gulyas said, adding that the security of Hungary’s supplies could not be guaranteed either.

“This is why the government has made it clear that it cannot support any sanctions in this form,” Gulyas said, noting that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán clearly stated Hungary’s position in his letter written to the head of the European Commission on Thursday.

Hungary will keep to the sanctions which were adopted at the EU summit in Versailles in March, Gulyas said, noting that these sanctions do not cover crude or natural gas.

“We must adopt sanctions that will hurt those whom we want to punish but not those who otherwise want to punish Russia over the aggression committed against Ukraine more so,” he said.

He said that Bulgaria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic had expressed “serious concern” over energy sanctions.

“We need full unity; without that sanctions cannot be adopted, and if the European Commission wants to maintain the unity which emerged because of the war, it must enter into talks,” Gulyas said.

“Hungary can tell exactly how much extra the situation would cost the country compared with other member states, in what aspect is its situation different, and what sort of expenses it would expect Brussels to reimburse, Gulyas said.

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