Gergely Gulyas – Photo: MTI

Gulyas: Hungarian nation has no boundaries

The basis of national cohesion is that every Hungarian must know and experience that the state of Hungary has borders, but the Hungarian nation does not, Gergely Gulyas, the head of the Prime Minister's Office, said at a commemoration held on the occasion of the Day of National Cohesion in Satoraljaujhely, in northern Hungary, on Sunday.

Speaking at the event organised by the Rakoczi Association, Gulyas said it is the duty of the Hungarian state, the motherland, to support every Hungarian to stay and prosper in their homeland, while also making every Hungarian a home.

“The great lesson from Trianon is that we must stand by each other even when we are torn apart,” the minister said.

Gulyas said young Hungarians must discover and get to know the Carpathian Basin in order to feel at home in it.

With the national policy achievements of the past thirteen years, the government has done a lot, he said, to make it clear to everyone that every Hungarian is responsible for every Hungarian, and Hungary bears responsibility for the fate of Hungarians living beyond the country’s borders.

“The task of the Hungarian state is to open the gates, support the initiatives that can help us preserve our mother tongue and strengthen our cohesion. This is why we need Hungarian kindergartens, schools and universities, this is why we need the Mathias Corvinus Collegium, the Korosi Csoma scholarships, a support system strengthening Hungarian businesses in the neighbouring countries, and this is why the community-building work of the Rakoczi Association is also indispensable,” Gulyas said.

On the occasion of the Day of National Cohesion, with the help of the Rakoczi Association’s Student Travel Programme, around 5,000 students of l93 high schools in the Carpathian Basin will travel to another school by crossing at least one border. The aim of the programme is for Hungarian students living in the countries of the Carpathian Basin to commemorate the day together.

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