Photo: MTI

Gulyas: Gyurcsany ‘clearly to blame for police brutality of 2006’

Former Socialist prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsany "is clearly the one responsible for the police brutality seen in the autumn of 2006", the prime minister's chief of staff said on Monday.

The events of the autumn of 2006, when police clashed with anti-government protesters, “were a uniquely brutal mass violation of the law”, Gergely Gulyas told a roundtable discussion at Budapest’s House of Terror Museum. “Gyurcsany was impressed by the actions of the police,” he added.

“Ferenc Gyurcsany today represents not the past but the present, and many are working to make him the future,” Gulyas said, adding that “those people who also include [Budapest Mayor] Gergely Karacsony are working towards a repeat of the autumn of 2006.”

Reformed Bishop Zoltan Balog, who was the Fidesz head of parliament’s human rights committee in the autumn of 2006, called the violent clashes “the low point and failure of the modern Hungarian rule of law”.

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