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Gulyas: Government to develop Strategy for Wine Marketing

The government is preparing a Hungarian Strategy for Wine Marketing to boost the image of Hungarian wines abroad, the head of the Prime Minister's Office said on Friday.

The aim of the coordinated campaign, in cooperation with the sector, is to improve the international image and retail price of wines from regions like Tokaj, Somlo, Szekszard and others, Gergely Gulyas said in his speech at the 11th Wine Conference in Budapest.

The government has earmarked 3 billion forints (EUR 8m) for the scheme, he said.

Pal Rokusfalvy, the commissioner responsible for developing the strategy over the next four years, said he would work with a team of experts and the agriculture ministry among other bodies to coordinate wine marketing and launch programmes and research.

Hungarian wines will have to receive a more unified, comprehensive image and protection of origin to eliminate cases where “the same type of wine can be bought for 2,000 forints as well as 200,000 forints,” he said.

The strategy will have to prevail at a time when wine consumption is falling, wine producing lands are shrinking, and competition is strong, he added.

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