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Government to tighten immigration, labour laws

The government is drafting legislation to further tighten regulations on immigration and labour of third-country citizens, the economic development ministry said on Thursday.

The government will rigorously review the regulations in force with the aim to “fully revamp and tighten regulations on immigration and labour”. “Comprehensive measures are needed on the residence and employment of third-country citizens, to protect the Hungarian workforce and citizens,” the statement said.

“The new bill will make it clear that third-country citizens can only live and work in Hungary for the reasons determined by Hungary, by meeting the requirements of the state, and by its approval,” the statement said.

Companies must first try to fill all jobs with Hungarians, and will only be allowed to employ foreigners if that is not possible, it said.

The implementation of the law on the employment of guest workers will be put on hold until the full-scale legislation is in place, the statement said.

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