Katalin Novak – Photo: koronavirus.gov.hu

Government to pay full annual pension bonus in 2022

Hungary's government will pay a full month's worth of extra pension benefits, dubbed the 13th month pension, next February, Katalin Novak, the families minister, said on Facebook on Wednesday.

Payments will be made to 2.5 million eligible recipients such as pensioners and others receiving pension-type benefits, Novak said.

The government reintroduced the first “week” of the annual pension bonus — equivalent to a full month’s pension — in 2021 and had planned to add the second week to the bonus in 2022.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban said early in October: “We can certainly return two weeks [of the pension bonus] at the beginning of next year. But, if we don’t make any mistakes, and if the government’s growth-driving economic policy is successful in the coming three months, … then I see a chance early next year to return not just two weeks, but a full month of the pension bonus sometime around early February.”

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