Banking association supports ending blanket repayment moratorium

Government to initiate extending pandemic related law’s effect

The government will submit to parliament a proposal on extending until Jan 1, 2022 the effect of the law on special legal order in connection with measures to protect the country against the coronavirus pandemic, the Government Information Centre (KTK) said on Tuesday evening.

The extension of the law’s effect is necessary to defend against the pandemic which is still present and because of an increase in the number of infections triggered by the spread of the delta variant of the virus in Hungary and across Europe, KTK said in a statement.

The proposal will soon be submitted to parliament and may be tabled among the first items on the agenda in the autumn, it said.

KTK said that Hungary’s parliament had voted on May 18 to amend the law on the special legal order in connection with protection measures against the pandemic. The legislation contains a sunset clause which is 15 days after the start of the autumn parliamentary session, it said.

Banking association supports ending blanket repayment moratorium

The Hungarian Banking Association supports the ending of the blanket repayment moratorium the government rolled out in spring 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, Radovan Jelasity, the head of the association, said on Tuesday.

Those who can should start making their repayments again; the banks will support customers in taking a responsible decision on participation in the moratorium extended until June 30, 2022, Jelasity said.

The moratorium will continue for vulnerable borrowers, who have until the end of October to notify their banks that they intend to keep participating. According to data available to the association, seven out of ten customers could be eligible to remain in the moratorium but Jelasity believes that fewer will actually avail themselves of the opportunity, so the number of participants will fall significantly from November.

General secretary Levente Kovacs said the association called for targeted support as early as when the moratorium was first introduced. The Hungarian bank sector has fulfilled its obligations responsibly since the state of emergency was declared, banks provided the possibility of the moratorium without delay and paid the special banking tax, he added.

Budapest hunting expo exempt from pandemic related restrictions

Restrictions introduced due to the coronavirus pandemic will not apply at the upcoming international hunting exhibition Budapest will host between September 25 and October 14, according to a government decree amendment published in the official gazette Magyar Kozlony on Tuesday evening.

According to the amendment, visitors can attend all events and programmes of the expo without an immunity card and under no restrictions.

Preparations for the event dubbed One with Nature World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition are going according to schedule.

Hungary has recently hosted several large-scale events including the celebrations of the August 20 national holiday and the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress attended by several hundreds of thousands of people.

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