Government to inform public by e-mail about position on NATO plans

The government will inform the public by e-mail about its position on NATO's plans, the Government Information Centre (KTK) said on Thursday.

NATO’s parliamentary assembly has issued a declaration urging member states to allow the use of western weapons against military targets in Russia’s territory, KTK said in a statement. European Union member states are sending ammunition, tanks and missile systems to Ukraine while several member states are planning to reintroduce or expand the scope of compulsory military service, it said.

“They want Hungary to support these plans,” KTK said, “but the government’s position remains clear: we do not want to send weapons and soldiers, and we do not want Hungarian youth to participate in this war.”

KTK confirmed that the government called for a ceasefire and the start of peace talks at all forums.

The information will be e-mailed to those who earlier gave an authorisation to receive such material, KTK said.

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