Government spokeswoman: More than 1.5 million fill out National Consultation survey

The government has processed the results of the latest National Consultation public survey and found that the more than 1.5 million respondents "overwhelmingly supported" Hungary's national sovereignty, the government spokeswoman said on Thursday.

Over 98 percent of respondents favoured a ceasefire and peace in Ukraine over weapons deliveries, Alexandra Szentkiralyi said in a video on Facebook. Respondents also opposed the establishment of “migrant ghettos” in Hungary and said child protection regulations should be tightened. They also expressed support for Hungarian farmers and the agriculture sector’s GMO-free status, she said, adding that respondents also wanted stronger steps taken against foreign influence.

More than 98 percent of respondents said the caps on household utility bills should be kept in place and that the freeze on interest rates should be extended to this year, Szentkiralyi said. Close to 98 percent supported maintaining taxes on excessive corporate profits.

Just under 98 percent of Hungarians opposed Brussels’s support for Palestinian organisations in light of the threat of terrorism, she added.

Also, 99 percent of respondents said Hungary should not spend any more money on supporting Ukraine until it has received the EU funds it is entitled to, the government spokeswoman said.

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